A message from Jonathan after our Christmas concert

Congratulations to all for a wonderful concert last night. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and received many excellent words of appreciation from audience members. Congratulations to the Choir, to Jess, to Brian and to Andrew!

May I thank Susan for her immense contribution in making sure all the right elements were in place to allow us safely to put on the performance in these challenging and ever-changing circumstances.

May I also thank the “Support Team” that turn out so willingly for every performance – to Jane for our ticket sales, to Keir and the Front of House helpers, to Wendy for decorations, and to Richard for publicity and organising all the printing. Particular thanks to  Jonathon and the Heavy Gang for the Staging loading, lifting and shifting and stowage – (we have agreed that none of us are getting any younger, and those big boxes are mysteriously getting heavier, so we may need to look at some investment for the future!). At the end of the performance, we had a great deal of help from Choir and Audience members – very much appreciated. The Church was clear and returned to normal within 45 minutes of the end of the Concert. 

So, all in all, in difficult circumstances, an event to be truly proud of!  It was wonderful to be performing again in such a venue with a live and appreciative audience. 

Thank you and Merry Christmas to all.