Arrangements for our Christmas concert

As in Susan’s email of 25 November:

Hello everyone

Here is the initial running order for the concert on December 11th

You will see that there are two carols from ‘Carols for Choirs’ Bk 1 at the end of the concert. We hope that ‘Hark the Herald Angels’ will involve audience participation unless guidance changes before then. We usually end these Christmas Concerts with the arrangement of ‘We wish you’ to be found in CC1 and Andrew will run through both before the day so please bring CC1 to rehearsals from now on. The order of the programme should mean that you do  not need to hold more than one book at any time. 

Most people already own this volume but if you do not have one, please let Susan or Keith know as soon as possible. 

Just to remind you about the details of the concert

Timings for the day

11.00 – a few volunteers meet Jonathon Winnicott to load staging into van.

11.30 – setting up staging at the church. Please volunteer your help for this as we will be assembling everything we own in order to achieve social distancing for singers. 

14.30 –  1600 (latest) rehearsal at Holy Trinity.

1900-1910-  meet in hall at Holy Trinity

19.30- 21.00 (latest)  concert  (short break in the middle but  no refreshments).

21.00 – 22.00 (latest) dismantle staging and return to storage.

Tickets and flyers will be available from next Monday. Please encourage your friends and families to come and, as far as possible to buy their tickets in advance, so that we can plan audience seating within the church to be as safe as possible. 

All tickets are sold at the concessionary price of £8. Children under 16 free but it would be helpful to know how many will be coming. 

Programmes will be available free containing running order and words to Hark the Herald. 

Friends of the Choir will have heard by now, but if you know someone who has not yet had an email from Heather please let her know on Monday.


Evening suit/ white shirt/ black shoes and socks/ bow tie in festive colours. 


Black, long sleeved top/ trousers or floor length skirt/ black shoes/ Scarf in plain bright colour.