Deferred Outdoor Rehearsal, Monday 19th July

We hope that after July 19th we will be able to put into action our plan for a return to rehearsals at the URC on a Monday evening.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the end of another year of singing together against all the odds, we plan to meet outside on Monday July 19th. This event is for all members, whether or not they have been attending Zoom rehearsals or paying subs. 

However, if you have not been fully vaccinated with the second dose of vaccine having been given on or before June 28th,  we ask that you wait a bit longer before joining in. We expect that there will be other meetings if this goes well.  

We also suggest that you take a Lateral Flow Test on the day of the rehearsal. Tests are available from local pharmacies or from

Please do not attend if you feel unwell or if you have been in contact with somebody who has symptoms of C19.

In order to make this work  as safely as possible for everybody we ask you to read and follow the arrangements below.  

Outdoor Rehearsal:  July 19th 2021

7.30pm- 8.30pm (arrive from 7pm onwards)

Location: Park Lane Recreation Ground, Fareham. 

Current DCMS guidelines allow us to meet outside but because we will be singing we must maintain social distancing requirements. So please note and follow the arrangements below.

1.    Contact Secretary before 6pm on Friday July 9th to confirm that you wish to attend. You can do this by email, phone (leave a voicemail if necessary) or text  to 07966 867613.

2.    Arrive at Park Lane after 7pm with

a.    A folding chair or rug

b.    Any refreshments you require. 

c.     Your music (you will not be able to share with another person apart from somebody from your own household) All three pieces are available to print and/or download from FPC website. 

                                               i.     Lord’s Prayer

                                             ii.     Now is the month of Maying

                                            iii.     As Torrents in Summer

iv. Until we sing again

3.    You may sit with other members of your own household but otherwise please sit at least 2 metres from other singers. 

4.    Please do not share equipment or share/lend pencils.

5.    Please do not move from your place to chat or meet with others before or during the rehearsal. Once the rehearsal has finished then normal rules of association outdoors will apply. 

Sign the petition for choirs to rehearse indoors

Although over 26,000 singers signed the original petition to allow amateur choirs to resume rehearsals (professional singers can, since 18th May), Parliament will only consider a ‘Parliamentary petition’, and will not debate it until there are 100,000+ signatures. For more information, see the BBC’s website. Please help us get back to rehearsing in person together by signing the petition here:

Recordings from our concert in 2000 now available on this website

In the year 2000 we held a special concert to celebrate over 100 years of singing as a choir. The concert included:

  • Vivaldi’s Gloria
  • John Bawden’s “Down Yonder Green Valley”, a set of popular folk tunes arranged especially for us by him.
  • Michael Hurd’s “Five Songs of Praise”, commissioned from him by us as a centenary piece.

To hear them please click here. (You will need the password from Susan’s emails.) For copyright reasons, please do not download these recordings or share them with others outside our choir.

Scores for our online summer rehearsals are now available

Do join us online from 7.20 for a 7.30 start on Mondays, from 12th April onwards.

This summer we will be working on a rather lighter programme as follows:

  • Bethlehem – Martin Guerre
  • Until we sing again
  • Goodnight sweetheart
  • Wonderful world
  • You raise me up

The scores can be downloaded here, using the password in Susan’s email. If possible, please print the scores and sing with pencil in hand, as you do on any other Monday. If you cannot print them, they will appear on screen for you but the usefulness of this will depend on the size and definition of your screen.

If you are thinking of trying singing with us, these are all very accessible pieces, and great fun, so do just  email our secretary Susan, or ring her on 01489 589 819, to find out how to participate. The great thing is, on Zoom, no-one else hears you sing!

If you are new to Zoom meetings, or just need a refresher on settings etc, see Susan’s guide: 

We’re getting used to rehearsals on Zoom …

Altogether some 50 of us typically log in on a Monday evening to enjoy practising together as a break from lockdown.

It all seems a little strange at first. You can only hear Andrew, leading and playing, and not the other choir members. However, you soon get used to it, and the plus side is that no-one hears your mistakes! As a result, if you are thinking of trying us out when we can sing together again, this is an ideal opportunity to get the flavour of Andrew’s lively style in running our rehearsals, and we would love to welcome you.

Do email the Secretary, or ring her on 01489 589 819, if you’d like to give it a go.