Committee matters and section reps

To see who is on our committee, look at our Who’s Who page. They do work hard on our behalf, and we appreciate it.

To understand what they get up to, you could try looking at recent committee meeting minutes, for which you will need the password. Please ask either Steve McIntyre or Susan Burt at rehearsals.

Also available online are key Policies and AGM Minutes, similarly protected by the same password.

Section Reps: One way in which you could make a contribution is by standing for the post of a rep for your section (eg first altos). Please see the Job description – section rep for a full description of a section rep’s role within the choir. If you’ve been with us a while, do consider taking a turn in the role; it’s not too onerous, is only for a set period, and does give you much greater insight into how the choir is organised.

In summary, section reps:

  1. Welcome new members
  2. Communicate between their section and the committee (in both directions!)
  3. Undertake administrative matters for their section on behalf of the committee, eg finding out who will be singing in forthcoming concerts
  4. Generally support the work of the committee and its sub-committees and focus groups.