Dress code for October concert


The committee has felt for a while that our traditional dress of ‘black tie’ for the gentlemen is very formal and rather dated. Many choirs and orchestras have now adopted a smart but less stiff form of dress. We would like to move in this direction and so have decided that for the October concert we will ask the men to wear a black shirt (top button undone) and black trousers.  

A quick investigation online has shown that relatively inexpensive black shirts are not hard to find so we hope that this will not prove too much of a problem. We’ll say something about this at the next rehearsal but meanwhile if you follow this link you will see the sort of thing we mean. It will take you to Marks and Spencer but, of course, other suppliers are available.  This particular shirt is £25 but is also available in packs of threefor £45 so if you can find two other gents the same size as you each shirt would be a bargain £15!


All black as usual and with your coloured scarf rather than your blue scarf. New members will be able to buy a scarf for £5.

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