Membership Subscriptions & Gift Aid Declaration

The current subscription (2022-23 ) is £12.50 per month (students and under 18s free). On joining the choir you will also need to budget for items of uniform and concert equipment but there will be few expenses after that apart from music purchase or hire.

How to pay: The uncertain circumstances of the last couple of years prompted us to reconsider the way in which subscriptions were paid. We have moved away from a one-off annual subscription to a regular monthly payment via Direct Debit. This method simplifies our admin, particularly as in-person banking is so much more difficult now, and it spreads the cost for members. However, we still calculate the subscription annually and regard this as payment in instalments rather than a monthly fee. 

If you have yet to set up a Direct Debit to pay your subs, you will find all the information you need below. The form is very simple and takes only seconds to complete. The section where you enter your name is only for our records, so that we know who has joined, so you can just enter your first and last names without worrying about whether this is the exact name on your account. 

We would, of course, like to encourage as many people as possible to set up a direct debit but we do understand that for a few people it isn’t practicable to do so. If you would prefer to pay by a different method please contact our treasurer directly.

How to set up your Direct Debit

The organisation ‘GoCardless’ handles our direct debits and this link will take you to a very simple form.

You will be authorising FPC to take a payment of £10 on the 22nd of every month. At present our accounting year runs from August to July.

We will not change the amount of the payment unless choir members approve the change at a general meeting. ‘Go Cardless’ will inform you three days before any agreed change is implemented. 

Gift Aid Declaration Form

See here for the latest Gift Aid Declaration Form. If you are a qualifying UK taxpayer, completion of this form represents a very useful addition to Choir funds, with no extra expense to you. Please return it to the treasurer either electronically or by post.