Membership Subscriptions & Gift Aid Declaration

Subs during lockdown. Though we do not, at present, have the expense of hiring a rehearsal venue, singing online is not cost free. Using Zoom carries a subscription cost and we continue to pay for MD and Accompanist services.  It would also be unrealistic to expect to retain the current high number of subscriptions in the present circumstances, though we would be delighted to be proved wrong about this. 

As circumstances are likely to change at intervals during the year, the choir has (for the time being) moved away from a one-off annual subscription to a regular monthly payment via Direct Debit. 

If you have yet to set up a Direct Debit to pay your subs, you will find all the information you need below. The form is very simple and takes only seconds to complete. The section where you enter your name is only for the Go Cardless records, so that we know who has joined, so you can just enter your first and last names without worrying about whether this is the exact name on your account. 

We would, of course, like to encourage as many people as possible to set up a direct debit and to join in our distance rehearsals but we do understand that for some people it isn’t practicable to do so, or that some of you prefer to wait until we can all be together again. This won’t affect your membership and we will look forward to being able to resume our traditional rehearsals whenever it’s safe to do so. However, if you change your mind, you can join in at any time and start paying subs if you decide to continue.  If you haven’t tried it yet, why not have a go and see what you think. Nobody is pretending that it’s the same as a Monday evening at the URC but it is fun in its own way.  

How to set up your Direct Debit

The organisation ‘GoCardless’ will be handling our direct debits and this link will take you to a very simple form.

You will be authorising FPC to take a payment of £7.50 from 22nd September 2020 and thereafter on the 22nd of every month.

We will not change the amount of the payment unless choir members approve the change at a general meeting. ‘Go Cardless’ will inform you three days before any agreed change is implemented. 

Gift Aid Declaration Form

See here for the latest Gift Aid Declaration Form. If you are a qualifying UK taxpayer, completion of this form represents a very useful addition to Choir funds, with no extra expense to you. Please return it to Keith, either electronically or by post (see here for the address), whether or not you have completed a form in the past. 

If you have specific questions about these changes please communicate directly with Keith

In more normal times: The subscription is reviewed at the AGM in September every year. It can be paid in cash or by cheque in September or, if preferred, in 3 instalments (Oct/Jan/Mar – post dated cheques please). Members who pay tax are encouraged to take advantage of Gift Aid by completing the form as above.

The current subscription (2019 – 2020) is £110 (students and under 18s free). Members joining during the year will be charged pro rata.

On joining the choir you will also need to budget for items of uniform and concert equipment but there will be few expenses after that apart from music purchase or hire.