Data Management Page

Our current Data Management Policy can be found below:

This document dates from 2018.

Changes in 2024

We are currently in the process of moving both our membership database and our website to Making Music’s platform, which is specially designed to suit groups like ourselves.

This will mean some changes to our Data Management Policy. Susan informed everyone about this in her 30th May email to members, as follows:

Hello everyone

This is quite a long email but it is very important that you read it through because it is about changes in the way that we handle your  membership data. 

We are preparing to move our website onto the integrated platform hosted by Making Music. The platform is specifically designed to support groups such as ours and is already in use by 300 other groups across the UK. 

Currently our website is  used as a means of providing our members with useful information and for raising our profile and enabling people to find us and communicate with us. This will not change. But the new arrangements will also provide us with a suite of tools that will help with the smooth running of the choir. 

The new set-up will be constructed around the membership database and so it is important that you understand who will see your data and how it will be used.  

Reasons for the change

·      Greater resilience (we will no longer be reliant on having someone with technical web skills)

·      Reduced costs

·      We will have a useful set of integrated communication and support tools, built around the members’ database. This should also make it more straightforward to pass on the administration of the choir from person to person. 

Who will see your data?

·      The Hon. Sec and Treasurer, who currently have access. 

·      The following support teams who will have access only in order to deal with specific technical issues. 

o   FPC’s webmaster team (3 people) who will use it to set up various tools within the platform.

o   Making Music’s support team (4 people)  

o   The support team of the Australian Company Virtual Creations, who produce the software which drives the platform. 

How will it be used?

·      In order to facilitate communication with members.

·      To help with the normal administration of the activities of the choir. 

At this point I should remind you that the data we hold is only in connection with your choir membership. It includes your contact details, your emergency contact details, how long you have been in the choir, offices you have held etc. There are no personal comments or details – not even your birthday! 

Your data has never been shared with third parties for any purpose and this will continue to be the case.

If you do not wish your data to be included, please contact me no later than 21st June 2024.

Our Data Management Policy will be updated and re-issued once we have completed the change. 

If you have any questions please get in touch. If I can’t answer them, I will pass them on to somebody who can.